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 T E S S M A R T I

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

I started experimenting with makeup from a very young age. Every day I would practice new styles and techniques and I loved discovering all the different ways I could make my face look, just by adding certain shadow and lines. During high school, I took multiple drafting courses, which is where I developed a love for understanding shapes and symmetry. I decided to combine my two passions and start a career in cosmetic tattooing.

As a cosmetic tattoo artist, my greatest passion is to help women boost their confidence and self-esteem. I am a perfectionist and enjoy working patiently and meticulously to produce unbeatable, natural-looking permanent makeup. 

In 2018 I pioneered my very own world-renowned "Dark Lip Neutralization" technique. I was one the first to be offering a successful and authentic "neutralizing" tattoo service to women of colour, while other artists said it was impossible to do. I used my experience in working with difficult skin and my in-depth knowledge of colour theory to bring this brand new capability to the permanent makeup industry. 

Proud of the international training and experience I have received, I have learned the most innovative techniques to enhance your natural beauty.

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Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

I have always had an eye for design, mainly digital, as I took a deep interest in graphic design programs in high school and college. Lip Blush is like a form of art to me and every set of lips is a new canvas to work on. My perfectionism transferred into my work as a permanent makeup artist and my close attention to detail is what I believe makes me stand out. This is what all my clients compliment me on the most. I take my time to make everything perfect, even the tiniest spots that my clients would never even notice, I see. This attentiveness in my work ensure’s that it always comes out flawless. 

I pride myself on being extremely patient, dedicated, and hard-working. I began my career working with Tess as her personal assistant after I moved here from Toronto in early 2021. I knew that when the time was right, she would take me under wing as her apprentice and I would get to work out of her studio as a lip blush artist. After many long days and even months of learning to master Tess’s technique, everything I had been looking forward to is finally a reality.

I love the lip blush technique that I was taught, it really enhances your natural beauty. My favourite part about lip blush is that it is completely customizable to cater to each individual client based on their desired shape and colour. Every tattoo comes out unique and natural-looking. the beauty industry, and the advancements in the technology and techniques that that make it up have always amazed me.

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