Students will have the opportunity to learn Tess's world-renowned Natural Lips technique in a 1 on 1 private, educational setting. There are two options that Tess will be offering. The first is a course intended for artists new to the industry or experienced artists who are wanting to upgrade their technique. This one will not cover Dark Lip Correction. The second course is a course on Tess's Dark Lip Correction technique. You must be pre-screened to take this course.

Tess's technique on Natural Lips teaches even blending, soft-invisible linework, perfect color picking/mixing to create the most natural and perfect healed results every time. Learning this technique and how to create natural-looking lip tattoos will give artists the chance to excel in their business and create perfect healed lips that appeal to every client. Lip tattooing is not easy, that is why you won't find many top artists for this technique, but Tess has surpassed the median and has become one of the top lip tattooing artists in the world and even created her own Dark Lip Correction technique in 2018, a technique that was never seen before in the industry. You will not find another artist with as many successful healed Dark Lip Corrections. Lip tattooing is the new up and coming service in the permanent makeup industry and also provides a less invasive alternative to lip filler. A single needle cartridge is used to insert pigment into the skin, reducing the amount of trauma inflicted in order to have great, natural results. 

Tess's three-day training will provide you with the knowledge and practice required to excel in your career as a permanent makeup artist. A student kit, lunch, and beverages are included in the registration cost. Students will receive a certificate of completion on the final course date. Tess provides a lifetime of continued support as well as the option to come back and shadow a procedure in which they trained, 3-6 months after the course completion.



Natural Lips & Dark Lip Correction Training


Fundamentals. We will dive into the booklet and introduce the fundamentals of lip tattooing. We will study deep into topics like color theory, who is suitable for this technique: best and worst candidates, risks associated with the procedure, pigments, skin anatomy, machines, and needle theory. We will practice shaping techniques and shading techniques at the end of the day. I will assign the homework for the following day.


Practice and Excel. This is when we really get into learning the physical technique by practicing together on various items that encourage learning the proper technique (pigskin, balloons, fake skin). I will teach you how to hold and use the machine properly, how to get a soft outline, and get a perfect blend in your work with the machine. After lunch, I will be demonstrating a model where I show how to set up and take down your station, how to shape, pick a color, stretch, tattoo, and take photos. After the model, I will show you how I edit my pictures and market them. I will also share with you how to avoid problems in your work and with clients. We will also discuss tips on how to start your own business, how to get hired at a studio, how to find clients, and grow your business, website, insurance, and all the other essential points in order to open up or advance your business.


Model day. You will be doing 2 models. 1 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. It has been proven that students who practice on 2 models in training gain more confidence in their work and can put the proper technique into muscle memory. I will be there guiding you and ensuring that you are working in the Natural Lips or Dark Lip Correction technique. Afterward, I will give you my feedback on your technique, and we will work on editing your photos together and creating 2-3 posts that you can post to your Instagram. You will be awarded your certificate upon completion of the course.

Your student kit will include

  • Training Manual

  • 15 1 rl Needle Cartridges

  • 10 1 rl Needle Cartridges

  • Pigment kit

  • Shaping/Drawing Kit

  • 10 Aftercare ointments

  • 20 Pigment cups

  • 10 Microfiber brushes

  • Machine and Powersupply

  • 2 Facemasks

  • 2 Practice Fake skins 

  • Open skin numbing

  • Pre numb

  • Gloss

  • FULL lifetime access to online courses

If you are applying for Dark Lip Correction you are required to send in 3 of your best lip tattoo before and afters as well as a picture or video of your shading technique and line work so that you may be approved for the course.

*It is required that you are BLOODBORNE PATHOGEN certified in order to take my course.

Just a reminder that this course is 1 on 1 which means you have my full undivided dedication and attention for the 3 days to help you get the proper training you need. This also helps us build a relationship so if in the future you need to consult with me, I offer lifetime support to you.




$6,475 CAD

1 on 1 private 3-day training for a beginner or experienced artist wishing to learn and upgrade their skill for success in their career and confidence in their work.


$8,250 CAD

1 on 1 private 3 day training For advanced artists wishing to add this service to their business and excel in the most controversial technique in the industry.


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