Natural Lips & Dark Lip Correction Training

Your student kit will include

  • Training Manual

  • 15 1 rl Needle Cartridges

  • 10 1 rl Needle Cartridges

  • Pigment kit

  • Shaping/Drawing Kit

  • 10 Aftercare ointments

  • 20 Pigment cups

  • 10 Microfiber brushes

  • Machine and Powersupply

  • 2 Facemasks

  • 2 Practice Fake skins 

  • Open skin numbing

  • Pre numb

  • Gloss

If you already have a machine please let me know, I will deduct the cost of the machine, needles and power supply included in the course cost and you will be required to bring your machine to the training.

If you are applying for Dark Lip Correction you are required to send in 3 of your best lip tattoo before and afters as well as a picture or video of your shading technique and line work so that you may be approved for the course.

*It is required that you are BLOODBORNE PATHOGEN certified in order to take my course.

Just a reminder that this course is 1 on 1 which means you have my full undivided dedication and attention for the 3 days to help you get the proper training you need. This also helps us build a relationship so if in the future you need to consult with me, I offer lifetime support to you.




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