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Dark Lip Neutralization Online Course: Welcome


Back in 2017, tattooing permanent makeup on clients who came from an ethnic heritage was a huge NO. There was no real knowledge, information, trainings or methods in the PMU industry in order to bring successful results to clients with melanin rich skin. Driven by my passion to help others and my frustrations with the poor knowledge in the industry, I set foot to creating my world-renowned technique to make this service possible for my clients. 

In this course, I will share with you the tried, tested and proven success secrets that I have discovered myself through trial and error and international sources over the years.

I will share with you my story on how I built my world-renowned dark lip correction technique, everything that goes into making the process easy and successful and a how-to on creating successful results every time. I'm excited to have you on this journey and see you apply my process to your business so that you can find more success in your career as an Artist.

Thank you for taking interest in training with me! Tesstattoo Dark Lip Neutralization Online Masterclass is one of the best and most detailed online Dark Lip Neutralization courses on the market.

The Masterclass is pre-recorded and includes 4k professionally recorded videos with lessons demonstrating:

  • 3 Full Procedure Demonstrations 

  • 7 Lessons on How To Choose Proper Corrector Color

  • Best Neutralizing Pigments

  • Shaping Dark Lips

  • Intensive Color Theory 

  • FAQs of Dark Lip Neutralization

  • Tools of The Trade

  • Shading Technique for Dark Lips on Practice Pad

  • How To Manage Client Expectations

  • Trolley Setup

  • How To Numb So That Clients are Comfortable

  • Speed of the Machine 

  • Soft Lip Outline on All Models

  • First To Final Passes on All Models

  • Finishing Touches

  • Aftercare for Easy and Flawless Healing

  • Dark Lip Healing Explained

  • How To Touchup Dark Lips

  • When To Use Target Colour

  • Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation

  • All About Melanin and More!

There will also be multiple online workbook pages on:

  • Materials and Procedure Steps

  • Pre-care and Aftercare

  • How to Work With Dark Lips

  • Intensive Color Theory

  • Hyper-pigmentation & Hypo-pigmentation

  • The Danger of Working With Dark Lips

  • How to Avoid Issues

  • Where I Buy My Materials

  • Choosing The Perfect Colors Per Client Case

  • Special Dark Lip Technique Secrets

  • My Go-To Favourite Corrector Pigments

  • What To Do For Touchups

  • How to Avoid Unhappy Clients and Client Conflicts

  • World Renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Rai's Exclusive Interview with Tesstattoo on Dark Lips Healing

  • Pigment creator, Liz Cook Exclusive Interview with Tesstattoo on Pigment Theory and Lightfastness on Dark Lips

  • Healing Process and more!

Upon completion of the Tesstattoo Dark Lip Neutralization Online Masterclass and final exam, you will be awarded an International certificate of completion.

This Masterclass is $649 USD and you will have access to the course as many times as you like for a lifetime.

Pre-Requisites: It is required that you have taken an in-person lip blush training before enrolling in this course and have a good amount of lip blush experience. This means that you should already be tattooing lips, have consistent healed results, and that you feel confident in your lip blush tattooing procedures on Fitzpatrick skin tones 1-3. If you are new to lip tattooing, refer to my Natural Lips Online Masterclass

You will need basic colour theory and lip tattooing knowledge. This course is advanced. It is not for beginners as it does not cover lip tattooing basics. For more info on levelling up your lip tattooing skills, first see my Natural Lips Online Masterclass.

To access the Dark Lip Neutralization Online Masterclass you will need to open this link:

This course is an investment to help you improve and move forward to the next level in your work. I'm excited to have you on this journey and see you apply my process to your business so that you can find more success in your lip service and career!

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