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Tess's Technique Secrets Online Masterclass: Welcome


After 6 years in this industry, 3 online classes with over 10,000 students, and many hours of teaching and training, I have noticed various struggles among artists worldwide in regard to tattooing lips. There are a lot of good artists out there, but they still struggle. Why? ​

While training my apprentice, Amber. I had an "ah-ha" moment and realized that the Permanent Makeup industry was completely lacking in training, missing an essential class like this. In almost every training, learning the basics of tattooing, how it works, and how to work with skin is something that is seldom taught by instructors or included in online classes. This leads to struggling artists who have no idea what they are doing wrong and can't get better at their work.

I took all of my experience from my other 3 online classes and students, collected hundreds of questions and struggles that artists had in regards to tattooing lips, and came up with this class, which covers, and solves every issue when it comes to the in-depth process of tattooing lips.

I have never been so proud of a class and cannot wait to elevate this industry and elevate lip blush artists across the globe with this in-depth tattooing technique-focused class.

Thank you for taking interest in training with me!
The Masterclass includes 4k professionally recorded videos with lessons demonstrating:

  • How To Minimize Swelling

  • How To Minimize Client Discomfort - Have Them Fall Asleep!

  • Why Pigment Pooling Happens & How To Fix it

  • Different Tattooing Techniques - How & When to Apply them

  • How To Get a Crisp, Precise, Light & Thin Outline

  • How To Outline The Cupid's Bow Perfectly

  • In-Depth Outline Technique

  • How To Get Even Saturation

  • How To Get Even Healed Results

  • How To Work On Each Area of The Lips

  • How To Tattoo Faster (1 hour-1 hour 30 minutes)

  • Body Positioning & Back Pain Prevention

  • Stretching Techniques For Every Area of The Lips

  • How Each Pass Should Look To Get Natural Results 

  • How To Get a Smooth Finish

  • Implanting Pigment Without any Difficulty EVER

  • How Much Pressure You Should Have on The Client

  • How To Properly Hold a Machine

  • Lip Tattooing Shading Technique & Sequence 

  • In-Depth Tattooing Technique & Shading Technique

  • How To Solve Problems, & Troubleshoot

  • How To Tattoo The Corners Of Lips​

  • How To Be More Comfortable While Tattooing

  • 2 Model Demos - 1 Dark Lips, 1 Lips With Filler

Upon completion of the Tesstattoo Technique Secrets Online Masterclass, you will be awarded a certificate of completion!

This Masterclass is lifetime access and lifetime support via email. This class is for ALL lip blush artists at any level. You must have lip blush experience to take this course.

To access the Tesstattoo Tess's Technique Secrets Online Masterclass, you can follow the link below! This Masterclass is $699 USD.

I'm excited to have you on this journey and see you apply my personal process to your business so that you can find more success in your lip service and career! Enjoy!

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