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Students will have the opportunity to learn Tess's world-renowned Natural Lips technique in private group, educational setting.

Tess's technique on Natural Lips teaches even blending, soft-invisible linework, perfect color picking/mixing to create the most natural and perfect healed results every time. Learning this technique and how to create natural-looking lip tattoos will give artists the chance to excel in their business and create perfect healed lips that appeal to every client. Lip tattooing is not easy, that is why you won't find many top artists for this technique, but Tess has surpassed the median and has become one of the top lip tattooing artists in the world and even created her own Dark Lip Neutralization technique in 2018, a technique that was never seen before in the industry. 

 Lip tattooing is the brand new, up-and-coming service in the permanent makeup industry and also provides a less invasive alternative to lip filler. A single needle cartridge is used to insert pigment into the skin, reducing the amount of trauma inflicted in order to have great, natural results. 

Tess's four-day training will provide you with the knowledge and practice required to excel in your career as a permanent makeup artist. A student kit, online course, lunch, and beverages are included in the registration cost. Students will receive a certificate of completion on the final course date. Tess provides a lifetime of continued support to all of her students.

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Our next two classes will be held FALL 2023. These classes will take place at the Tesstattoo studio. You may choose which class to enroll in below!

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