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Colour Theory, Pigments & Mixology FREE Online Course: Welcome


In this FREE short class, I will share with you my method on how I choose colours for my clients, my personal favourite brands, colours and mixes for lip tattooing, how to find cool, neutral, and warm undertones of your client, how to pick colours according to your client's skin tone, how to match your client's goal colour to your pigments, and a few more tips & tricks!

I'm excited to share this course with you and see you apply my process to your business so that you can find more success in your career as an Artist! Please enjoy this class, on me!

Thank you for taking interest in training with me!
The Masterclass includes 4k professionally recorded videos with lessons demonstrating:

  • My Favourite Lip Pigment Brands

  • My Favourite Colours From Each Brand

  • My Favourite Dark Lip Neutralization Pigments

  • Recommended Pigment Mixes For Fitz 1-4 Clients

  • The Fitzpatrick Skin Tone Scale

  • Lip Colours to Use For Each Fitzpatrick Skin Type

  • How to Find Client Undertones

  • Colour Characteristics

  • Warm & Cool Colours

  • Mixology: How to Mix & Match Pigment Colours to Lipsticks

  • How to Modify Colours 

  • Discount Code, & Supply List!

Upon completion of the Tesstattoo Colour Theory, Pigments & Mixology Online Masterclass, you will be awarded a certificate of completion!

This Masterclass is completely free and you will have access to the course as many times as you like for a lifetime.

Anybody can access this class but it is recommended and will be most useful for Lip Blush artists.

To access the Tesstattoo Colour Theory, Pigments & Mixology Online Masterclass The website you will need to open this link:

This course is dedicated to all of my fans, supporters, followers, colleagues and students to help you improve and move forward to the next level in your work. I'm excited to have you on this journey and see you apply my personal process to your business so that you can find more success in your lip service and career! Enjoy!

Colour Theory, Pigments & Mixology FREE Online Course: Text
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